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EverQuote Pro: Past Webinars

Turning Internet Leads Into Multi-Line Opportunities w/ Caitlyn Garlock

After serving in both the California and Nevada insurance markets as a captive agent, Caitlyn Garlock knows how to optimize lead success in the insurance agency. She has grown both scratch agencies and traditional book opportunities using leads as a core marketing tactic. The key? Multi-lining every opportunity! Watch this webinar and learn how to train your team to multi-line the opportunities as they come in and optimize the leads to maximize your budget and ROI.

Life Insurance Sales: Do You Need Illustrations to Sell Life Insurance? No! with Thomas Ntuk

Join multiple-award-winning agent, author and speaker Thomas Ntuk to learn how during this webinar focused on selling life insurance. This presentation is ideal for P&C focused agents who are looking to increase their life sales. This presentation focuses on perfecting your life insurance sales pitch and avoiding some of the common pitfalls that agents fall into. Thomas covers:

  • Why life insurance illustrations are costing YOU sales
  • A simple and effective way to present four life policies on one page
  • How to insure easy adoption and full “buy-in” from your sales producers
  • How one page can replace 36 pages of illustrations when it comes to explaining life insurance products

The Business of Life / Executive Bonus 162 Business Owners with Steve Cannon

Steve Cannon has virtually unmatched credentials when it comes to captive insurance agents. Along with his partner Scott Foster (at the Foster Cannon Group), they have a combined total of 70 MDRT qualifications, 129 President’s Club recognitions, and over 71 years of combined experience as agency owners. During this webinar Steve Cannon discusses strategies for having discussions with business owner clients and prospects about life insurance planning and Executive 162 bonus plans business owners can use to attract and retain key employees.

Learn How This Captive Agent Wrote $92K in His First Two Months From One New Product – An Interview with Agency Owner Zach Vaswani

Join EverQuote for this powerful interview with captive agent Zach Vaswani. Zach spent a number of years as a Sales Manager at EverQuote. After seeing the success agents were having using EverQuote, he decided to take the plunge and open up his own Agency in the Summer of 2020. Since opening, Zach is crushing his Sales goals! Zach shares how he's been able to achieve such jaw-dropping success and how EverQuote's Lead Connection Service has helped him write $92,000 from EverQuote leads in just his first two months as an Agency Owner!

The Mathmatically Perfect Insurance Comp Plan with Seth Preus

Join Seth Preus - RacingSnail co-founder and senior advisor at Mivation – for this webinar focused on how to devise an effective compensation plan for your insurance agency. Seth discusses how important it is to develop a compensation plan that fits your specific agency and market, and how you can use that comp plan to help drive results. Watch our webinar and learn how the right compensation plan can both motivate team members while still holding them accountable.

Insurance Sales Process: Part 6 (Yellow Brick Road Parts 11 & 12) with Kirk Fuqua

As an author, agent and insurance sales trainer with 10+ years as an agency owner on both the captive and independent sides, Kirk Fuqua knows the insurance business. Please join Kirk Fuqua for for sections 11 and 12 of his 12 step Yellow Brick Road P&C conversation. During this session Kirk will cover:

  • How to overcome any final objections
  • How to adjust the quote if needed
  • How to get the payment information

Emotional Intelligence and Insurance Sales: How to Sell More Policies Without Actually Selling with Scott Grates

Join multiple award winning captive agent Scott Grates for this webinar presentation focused on using emotional intelligence to improve your sales results. Scott focuses on how to understand what really drives insurance buyers and how you can help comprehend the emotional buttons that drive clients to make buying decisions. If you're looking for ways to improve your sales process and bind more policies, join Scott to learn how you can improve your emotional intelligence and in turn grow your book of business.

BIND 2020 - Value Selling 101: Bundling & Selling on Coverage - Not Price with Craig Wiggins and Joseph Puckett

What if we told you that price is not a factor when it comes to getting more sales? Craig Wiggins built his $36,000,000 insurance agency by teaching his producers to sell insurance to more clients (regardless of price) by leading with liability coverage and bundling entire households —> auto + property + umbrella + life. Joseph Puckett runs Craig’s four agencies and also Craig Wiggins Coaching which helps 1,300+ agencies and over 8,000+ users all across the country learn how to sell value and not price and how to win more clients writing their entire household. Craig and Joseph share their best tips that you can start implementing in your agency right away. Start winning more clients regardless of price and grow your book to maximize your compensation and bonus opportunities!

BIND 2020 - Building Connections to Success with Perry Olson

Perry will challenge, motivate and entertain you with his fast paced and powerful message about unleashing the full potential of your agency in your community You will be challenged to reconsider conventional thinking about “opportunity” and walk away with practical ideas on how to take advantage of opportunities that exist in every single community. Perry’s personal story and journey to become a DOUBLE Trophy Winner by taking both his agencies to the Top 10 in the nation will inspire you!

BIND 2020 - Connecting During Unconventional Business Hours to Maximize Revenue with Eric Hardiman

Eric’s agency is open 8:00 AM-10:00 PM seven days a week. That's right - he's open seven days a week, fourteen hours a day, until 10:00 PM!! Watch this presentation as Independent Agent, Eric Hardiman, discusses exactly why he chooses to operate each and every day of the week between those hours. Eric discusses how he's able to both serve underserved segments of consumers AND employ strong candidates who might be overlooked by others due to their need for flexible work schedules. Eric also walks you through his strategies for managing staff and maximizing performance during these extended hours and how he keeps his business running smoothly.

BIND 2020 - Agent Dustin Wadlow Talks About His Incredible Results With EverQuote's Lead Connection Service

Captive insurance agent Dustin Wadlow shares his experiences with EverQuote's Lead Connectin Service (LCS). Dustin explains how he went from $8,000 to $40,000/month in average premium in just a few months with EverQuote's Lead Connection Service (LCS) and how his process (including LCS) is now taught to every new agent in his District!

BIND 2020 - Taking 10 Everyday Service Calls and Turning Them into 3 Real Sales with Role Play at the Olson Agency

There is so much opportunity in our everyday inbound service calls! For over 20 years Jeremy Olson has been a very "in the trenches" agency owner, he loves talking to customers! Role Play at the Olson Agency has tracked his results from the beginning, and can safely say that if this process is followed, you will start turning these calls into opportunities to better protect your customers immediately. Payments, add cars, change cars, address changes, many agencies think of those as time-consuming, but Jeremy's team turns these all into sales every day! Watch this session to learn how!

BIND 2020 - Keynote Presentation: Using the 93% Rule to Build Connections with Greg Gray

Now more than ever, staying connected with consumers, teammates and colleagues is beyond important whether it is in person or digitally. Studies have shown that when others listen to us, only 7% of what they “hear” is words. That means that “93%” of what they “listen” to is our tone of voice and body language. In this keynote, Greg takes a look at some common applications and misapplications of “The 93% Rule” in personal and professional interaction. “The 93% Rule” is a message that everyone should “hear” and “listen” to. Understanding the power of tone of voice and body language will help you better understand what people really connect to.

BIND 2020 - Opening with EverQuote's Agency GM Nick Graham

EverQuote's General Manager of Agency - Nick Graham - kicks off BIND 2020, EverQuote's First Annual Virtual Conference.
Nick provides insight into EverQuote's founding, mission and how the EQ staff assists agents in their growth.

BIND 2020 - Freedom to Sell: Growing your Business w/ EverQuote's Lead Connection Service with Billy Hubbard + Anushka Nadarajah

Learn how EverQuote’s newest product offering – Lead Connection Service – can help you scale your business and unlock ROI. With Lead Connection Service, a topnotch telemarketing team will work your leads for you. It’s like immediately adding expert telemarketers to your staff, so your producers can focus on selling. You’ll learn how this product works, the impact it can have on your business, and hear from agents how the product has supercharged their growth.

Life Insurance 101 with Scott Foster

Retired agent Scott Foster almost needs no introduction. A lifetime President’s Club member (he qualified for President's Club over 80 times!), Scott was in the top 10 life agents (with his carrier) every year of his 40+ year career, and spent 24 years as the #1 life agent and 21 years as the #1 multiline agent at his company. It’s fair to say that Scott is probably one of the most successful captive insurance agents of our time (particularly when it comes to selling life). Join Scott for this webinar 100% focused on life insurance and life insurance sales. Scott shares his approach to selling life insurance and discusses some of the secrets to his longterm success.

Converting Term Insurance Policies to Permanent with Thomas Ntuk

Are you converting ONE out of every THREE term insurance policies to PERMANENT? Join multiple-award-winning agent, author and speaker Thomas Ntuk to learn how during this webinar focused on selling permanent life policies. Thomas' presentation covers how to discuss converting term policies to whole life - when, why and how to bring it up with your customer or prospect. This presentation is ideal for P&C focused agents who are looking to increase their life sales.

Life Insurance, Life Insurance and More Life Insurance! with Bill Whitley

Join Bill Whitley, CEO of Risk Advisor Institute, for this webinar focused on strategies for selling more life insurance. Bill is a nationally recognized speaker, consultant, and author who specializes in helping insurance professionals get to the next level by attracting more clients, closing more sales, and deepening client relationships. Many of his unique sales and customer loyalty concepts are derived from Bill’s personal experience as a top-echelon sales executive who achieved and maintained an 80% presentation-to-close ratio.

Hiring & Inspiring Vs. Tiring & Firing: Retention for Insurance Agents with Dick Biggs

With 30+ years of delivering customized leadership training to insurance agents (including authoring a successful book with Scott Foster on insurance agency leadership), Dick Biggs is an expert when it comes to what it takes to lead an insurance agency on the path to success. During this webinar, Dick will focus on hiring and employee retention best practices for insurance agents. He will discuss how you can optimize your hiring and recruiting plan to help ensure you're hiring team members who will retain and help take your business to the next level.

Training, Equipping, and Caring for our Business and Our Team During COVID 19 with Kevin Patton

Join lifetime President's Club and MDRT agent Kevin Patton for this timely webinar focused on how to best care for your business and team members during the COVID-19 pandemic (and after). Kevin will cover how to properly set your team up for success during this challenging time and provide a safe and effective working environment. Since March 2020, the Coronavirus has significantly impacted many industries in the US (and across the globe) - learn how you can continue to help your team achieve their full potential even amidst this difficult environment.

Insurance Sales Process: Part 5 (Yellow Brick Road Parts 9 & 10) with Kirk Fuqua

As an author, agent and insurance sales trainer with 10+ years as an agency owner on both the captive and independent sides, Kirk Fuqua knows the insurance business. Please join Kirk Fuqua for for sections 9 and 10 of his 12 step Yellow Brick Road P&C conversation. During this session Kirk will cover:

  • How to restate coverage vulnerabilities and offer solutions
  • How to present price

Building (or Rebooting) Your Insurance Agency to be More Profitable, Self-Sufficient and Sustainable with Brad Riley

In his first year after starting his captive agency, Brad Riley achieved well over $100,000 in profit. Whether you are a new agent looking to set-up your agency to start strong, or a veteran agent looking for ways to reboot and drive more revenue, this webinar will show you strategies you can deploy today.

Life Term Conversions & Selling Prospects on the Advantages of Permanent Life Insurance with Scott Foster + Steve Cannon

With a combined total of 70 MDRT qualifications, 129 President’s Club recognitions, and over 71 years of combined experience as agency owners, Scott Foster and Steve Cannon have virtually unmatched credentials and have reached the upper echelons of the insurance industry. During this webinar Steve Cannon covers strategies for approaching term conversion conversations, while Scott Foster discusses how to frame the advantages of permanent Life insurance for your clients.

Building and Managing a Top Performing Insurance Sales Team with Ryan Chao

Join captive agent Ryan Chao for this joint webinar with EverQuote where he discusses how to establish and maintain a successful insurance business by providing best practices on: 

  • How to attract TOP talent
  • How to Create a Marketing Plan to feed the talent and hit your growth goals
  • How to Support the Marketing Plan by Holding the Vendors Accountable.
  • How to Hold your Sales Team Accountable
  • How to instill a Value Adding Talk Path
  • How to manage your Pipeline

Pivoting P&C Conversations to Medicare Supplement with Randy Thompson

Join lifetime President's Club member Randy Thompson for this webinar focused on pivoting the conversation to Medicare Supplement insurance. Randy's presentation is aimed at agents focused on P&C who are looking to write more Medicare Supplement policies by focusing on cross-selling your existing book of business and shifting conversations with P&C leads to also include Medicare Supplement insurance.

How to Sell Life/Health Insurance While Explaining AUTO/HOME Coverages with Thomas Ntuk

Join multiple-award-winning agent, author and speaker Thomas Ntuk for this webinar focused on selling life and health insurance to auto/home insurance shoppers. Thomas' presentation covers how you can pivot from a standard P&C conversation to life and health and improve your multi-line and non-core product sales. This presentation is ideal for agents working auto and home leads but who are also looking to increase their life and/or health sales.


8 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Life Insurance with Stephen Wilmer

Steve Wilmer grew up in the projects of Pensacola, Florida, served in the US Marine Corps and spent 10 years as a law enforcement officer. After joining the insurance industry he quickly became one of the top producers in the country, writing over 100 life apps consistently each year. Steve is now a renowned sales coach, keynote speaker, author and president of the Risk Advisor Institute powered by Steve Speaks. From the projects to the president, please join Steve Wilmer for this presentation on the 8 biggest mistakes agents make when selling life insurance.

Insurance Sales Process: Part 4 (Yellow Brick Road Parts 7 & 8) with Kirk Fuqua

As an author, agent and insurance sales trainer with 10+ years as an agency owner on both the captive and independent sides, Kirk Fuqua knows the insurance business. Join Kirk for sections 7 and 8 of his 12 step Yellow Brick Road P&C conversation. During this session Kirk covers:

  • How to "flip" prospects from a "price" mentality
  • How to "pre-close" (trial close) the prospect
  • How to fight off any remaining objections

How To Recruit & Hire Team Members That Can Write 100 Policies A Month For Your Insurance Agency with Vlad Cherchenko

During this training, insurance agency coach Vlad Cherchenko walks you through his process for finding, assessing, and hiring top-performing talent to help take your insurance agency to the next level.

Inner Game of Prospecting: How to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance with Connie Kadansky

Join sales trainer and sales call reluctance expert Connie Kadansky in this presentation focused on identifying and eliminating Sales Call Reluctance, one of the most critical challenges for salespeople in the insurance industry.

ABC’s of Building an Agency + Outgoing – Onboarding Customer Calls with Scott Foster & Steve Cannon

Scott Foster covers some of the fundamentals of building a strong agency business and the lessons learned over a decades-long insurance career, while Steve Cannon covers how to improve customer experience and retention through a strong onboarding process.

Pivoting to Financial Services and Agency Marketing Budgeting and Growth Planning with Dave Munson Jr.

Dave Munson Jr. focuses here on ways to pivot to financial services off of a P&C conversation (including working with Internet Leads). Dave also covers setting a marketing budget for your agency, planning for growth, and how track and analyze the results.

See How This ‘6-Step Script To A One Call Close’ Lets P&C Insurance Agents Write 100-300 Policies A Month with Vlad Cherchenko

This training cuts right to the chase and reveals how insurance sales coach Vlad Cherchenko and some of the most successful insurance agents consistently write 100-300 policies a month with this 6-step talk track.

The Yellow Brick Road Insurance Sales Process – Sections 5 & 6 with Kirk Fuqua

Kirk discusses how to help prospects discover vulnerabilities in their coverage, opening prospects up to adjusting their lawsuit protection, avoiding the "apples to apples" trap, discovering “emotional” buying points, and pivoting to financial services.

Engaging Clients About Life Insurance During and After COVID-19 with Kevin Patton

Join lifetime President's Club and MDRT agent Kevin Patton for this webinar focused on how to best engage with life insurance clients (and potential clients) during the COVID-19 pandemic (and after).

How & Why to Get in Front of Your Customers with Scott Foster & Steve Cannon

With a combined total of 70 MDRT qualifications, 129 President’s Club recognitions Scott Foster and Steve Cannon have virtually unmatched credentials in the insurance industry. Join them to learn how, why and when to get in front of your customers.

Team Accountability: How to Motivate and Use Data to Drive Performance (Even While Remote) with Ryan Chao

Top captive insurance agent and speaker Ryan Chao outlines how he leverages data on a daily basis and motivates his staff to help ensure they are consistently on track to hit their goals.

The Yellow Brick Road Insurance Sales Process – Sections 3 & 4 with Kirk Fuqua

Join Kirk Fuqua for Sections 3 and 4 of his 12 step "Yellow Brick Road" P&C sales conversation. During this session Kirk will dive into building rapport, pivoting to home and auto, fighting off a very common objection & converting prospects to lifetime clients.

Paycheck Protection Plan: What We Thought Then Versus What We Know NOW with Brooks Baltich

With the announcement of the new legislation surrounding the “Paycheck Protection Plan” many agents have questions and concerns. Brooks Baltich (ChRC, CLU, CASL) gives you the updated facts that you need to know with this new legislation.

The 5 Tiers of Agency Leadership with Dick Biggs

During this webinar author and insurance agent coach Dick Biggs shares his "5 Tiers of Agency Leadership" – going from Tier 1 - "The Titled Leader" all the way through Tier 5 - "The Treasured Leader."

Bridging the Gap: How to Transition to Financial Services and Retain More Customers with Mike Shoffner

In this webinar, learn how multiple award-winning captive agent Mike Shoffner pivots the conversation from auto & home to life & financial services and retains more high-value customers in the process.

Delivering a Strong Opening Statement with Leads with Kirk Fuqua

Join Kirk Fuqua for this webinar where he walks you through his proven approach for delivering a strong and effective opening statement when working insurance leads. Learn how to set the conversation off and follow the path to more bound policies!

Setting Up Your Team to Drive Maximum Production with Sara Labraaten

In this webinar, multiple award-winning agent Sara Labraatan teaches you the strategies she employs to help ensure her team is following her processes and helping achieve maximum production.

Q&A With Top Agent John Pavle featuring EverQuote Agency GM, Nick Graham

EverQuote’s General Manager of Agency, Nick Graham, hosts John Pavle for a discussion of some of the business strategies he is employing at his agencies during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Know Your Numbers: Creating an Effective Marketing Plan for Your Agency with Ryan Chao

In this webinar, Ryan Chao walks through how to create an effective, data-driven marketing plan that’s specific to your agency culture. 

Paycheck Protection Program Webinar + Q&A (Part 2) with Brooks Baltich and Duane Zobrist

Join EverQuote, Duane Zobrist (CEO Resort Outfitters & Serial Entrepreneur) and Brooks Baltich (ChFC, CLU, CASL) for this second webinar session to answer insurance agent's questions about forgivable loans for businesses through the SBA's Paycheck Protection Program.

Accelerating Growth: What I Learned in My 1st Year as an Agency Owner with Jordan Wall

In just a short time captive agent Jordan Wall has reached a level of success many work years to achieve. Jordan discusses her 1st year in business and how she was able to scale growth and achieve impressive results and what she learned on the way.

How to Write (and Keep) More Business and Stay Positive During the COVID-19 Pandemic with Thomas Ntuk

This presentation focuses on how you can adapt your approach to insurance sales and customer service in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thomas' presentation explores ways you can shift your approach and stay positive amidst.

Selling Multiline Policies with Disability for P&C Agents with Tyson Luthi

With almost a decade running a successful captive insurance agency, Tyson walks you through his proven process for upselling and cross-selling disability policies with insurance leads (and existing customers) who are primarily shopping for auto and home. 

Work From Home Best Practices for Insurance Agents with Elyse Neumeier (EverQuote Chief People Officer)

EverQuote Chief People Officer Elyse Neumeier shares best practices & tips for transitioning your team to working from home & finding success while remote.

Gamification and Keeping Your Agency Staff Motivated with Seth Preus

In this webinar, RacingSnail co-founder, senior advisor at Mivation, and successful agent Seth Preus discusses tactics you can deploy at your agency to keep staff motivated – even if they are working remotely from home.

Forgivable Loans for Agency Owners: Paycheck Protection Program Overview with Duane Zobrist and Brooks Baltich

This webinar answers insurance agent's questions about forgivable loans for businesses through SBA's new Paycheck Protection Program (part of the COVID-19 stimulus bill passed by Congress) to provide vital capital to businesses impacted by COVID-19.

12-Step Internet Lead Sales Process with Cody Askins

In this webinar, Cody walks you through the process that he sticks to when working insurance internet leads. Cody developed this system to meet revenue goals, set more appointments and maximize leads.

Insurance Lead Objections: Controlling the Conversation with Kirk Fuqua

This webinar focuses on learning how to overcome insurance objections with successful agent, speaker, and author, Kirk Fuqua. After watching this webinar, an objection won't mean the end of the conversation!

Value-Selling & Bundling (even through a Pandemic) with Joseph Puckett

This webinar breaks down some of the fundamentals of value selling insurance and ways to shift your approach during the difficult circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Retooling Your Business Model with Troy Korsgaden

Troy Korsgaden discusses how to shift your business model to get over the “hump” and how crucial it is to take on the role of a true advisor to your clients.

Scriptology, Recruiting Process, and Winning Mindset with Jay Adkins

Award-winning agent Jay Adkins walks you through his process for creating effective scripts for his producers, as well as how he manages his hiring and maintains a winning mindset – even during trying times.

Developing Team Members into Rock Stars with Heather Powell

Top agent Heather Powell describes her process for recruiting (and retaining) top talent and some of the major lessons she’s learned along the way.

Controlling the Life Insurance Sales Conversation with Scott Foster

Scott Foster shares his process for selling life insurance and discusses how to control the life insurance sales conversation (even in difficult circumstances).

Out of the Box Insurance Marketing with Lezlee Liljenberg

Join multiple award-winning agent Lezlee Liljenberg as she shares some of the creative, cost-effective campaigns and "out of the box" strategies she's found successful when it comes to marketing her agency.

The 8-Step Process for Selling Life Insurance with Randy Thompson

Join Randy Thompson in this free webinar as he teaches his revolutionary eight-step process for selling life insurance.

The 4 Critical Pillars of the Modern Insurance Agency with The Insurance Dudes

Craig Pretzinger and Jason Feltman (aka the Insurance Dudes) discuss the foundational “pillars” crucial for any insurance agency in 2020 and beyond.

Leveraging Technology and Systems to Run a More Efficient Insurance Agency

Join Sean Morton in this free webinar as he explains how to run your agency more efficiently while creating a superior customer experience.

Hiring and Recruiting for Insurance Agents with Mark Mercer

Award-winning agent Mark Mercer shares some of his tips and best practices for finding and recruiting top-notch talent for your insurance agency and discusses how to set-up your hiring process to help ensure you’re selecting the cream of the crop.

Expanding Beyond a Single Location & Managing Multiple Insurance Offices with Ami Bennett

Join four location insurance agency owner Ami Bennett as she shares tips and insights for successfully expanding beyond a single location and for managing multiple insurance offices.

Maximizing Your Workweek in 2020 with Eric Hardiman

Learn from top independent (and former captive) agent Eric Hardiman how to make the most of your time and maximize every hour of your workweek.

Setting a Marketing Budget for Your Insurance Agency with Club Capital

Devin Day and Micah Cannon of Club Capital share their expertise on how to determine where to set your agency’s marketing budget (and allocate the spend) based on your overall business strategy and desired growth.

Insurance Value Selling Fundamentals with CWC's Joseph Puckett

Join EverQuote’s Brianna Shea and Craig Wiggins Coaching’s Joseph Puckett as they teach you the fundamentals of value selling insurance.