Agency Marketing: 5 Tips to Test-Drive This Spring!

March 10, 2017 Matt Desilet

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Every month of the year, so it's important to update your marketing strategies to stay on top of seasonal trends. Spring is the season where people get their motivation back, so appeal to the practical and hopeful sense of wanting to get everything checked off their list this year. If you're looking for five ways that you can shake up your agency marketing during springtime, read on...


Freshen Up Your Website






Updating your website to match the season shows your potential customers that you're paying attention to details, which is always a good message to send. Focus on spring themes, and put your most attractive offers right up front. Ensure that your mobile site is perfect too so that customers can access your information at any hour of the day from any device. Make sure that your desktop and mobile site contain great calls to action that draw potential clients to contact you. Consider adding quoting tools or automatic emails to aid their research.


Amp Up Your Referral Program

Giving your current clients distinguished service should always be your number one goal, but offering them another incentive for spring can help you increase the number of referrals you get. You may even want to consider partnering up with other professionals that may be able to recommend you. Think accountants, car dealerships, detail shops. Word-of-mouth is the oldest and most cost-effective way to grow a business, especially a locale-dependent one. 


Social Media for the Holidays








People rarely consider this time of year when they think of the holidays, but don't sleep on spring! Running a contest or a promotion around the spring holidays can be a good way to get people interested in what your agency is doing. Social Media marketing can be tricky if you're new, so it's best to learn best practices and know what your goals are going in. If you're looking to build a book of business, think about building meaningful relationships around Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or Memorial Day via social media.


Revamp Yourself

Want to appeal to your customer's sense of renewal? Do the same with yourself. Consider sending out surveys, inviting current customers to tell you what they'd like to see change about your services. If you are more concerned with growth, look at potential ways that you can add to your funnel. If your close rate hasn't been up to par, think about adding some sales training to your repertoire. The possibilities are endless if you set SMART goals and keep an open mind. Now you just need to get to work in making those changes.


Get Out There







When you're looking at all of the ways you can grow your agency, you simply cannot forget to put yourself out there. In the past, this may have been as simple as attending events, joining local organizations, and partnering with local businesses. In 2017, you need to be able to network digitally as well. Consider (with caution) becoming a LinkedIn LION. Look into your town's local Meetup culture, and never sleep on all of the tools you can use to put yourself and your agency out there. Try targeting a certain industry (e.g., financial, manufacturing, etc.), and setting up a Q&A session about auto insurance. Most people don't know the details and offering them expert information can be a good way to get your foot in the door.

That wraps our discussion on seasonal marketing for your agency. As always, if you would like to learn more about the topic - contact the author. 

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Matt Desilet is a creative marketing leader. Before EverQuote, Matt lead marketing and engagement at two Boston-based startups. At EverQuote, Matt focuses on finding ways that insurance agents can grow their agencies. Matt does his part by collecting and creating content that focuses on prospecting, sales, business operations and retention. Four essential components of the insurance agent's toolkit. When not in the office, Matt loves to travel, record music, and eat delicious food. Most of these adventures are made substantially better by his better half. As a Rochester, NY native; Matt will happily talk about Garbage Plates, Buffalo Wings, and ‘Bills football. Myers-Briggs personality type: ENFP

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