Online Sales Strategy:

Secrets to Converting the Online Shopper

Online conversions are a different breed of sales for many insurance agents, but understanding the principles behind them can be the decisive factor in earning more revenue. The key is to adapt your approach to fit the individual behind the computer, at scale. Sound hard? That's because it can be. Hopefully, we can break things down and make the process a little simpler. 

Step one in converting online customers is certainly to create a sound inbound online lead engine, but we've covered that topic elsewhere. We will use this opportunity to take a closer look at the processes needed to convert those online potentials (once we have earned their information) into qualified, intentioned candidates for new insurance policies.


Own Your Data






Let's say you've gotten past the first step, and the customer's information is now in the system. They're now expecting something, but it can be difficult to guess what our prospects want. Do they want a phone call, an email, a handwritten letter, a personal house call? Chances are if they're contacting you online when you have a perfectly good phone number, they're looking to communicate with you online — at least at first. However you reach out, though, your goal should be to contact them as soon as possible. If they're filling out the information on your website, they're most likely shopping around. To take advantage of increased online shopping activity, we want to create personal differentiators. As an example, move quickly! Being the first agent to contact prospects will not only show off your customer service skills, it will also you a chance to explain why you're the right choice amongst your competitors (even if you don't have the most competitive rates).



Be Persistent





Companies who take the time to make connections and establish rapport with leads unsurprisingly have higher revenues than those who don't. You may have a leg up because they've freely given you their information, but that doesn't mean that you won't have to work for the business. It can take several calls to get the internet lead to convert, which may be in part because they don't even want to talk on the phone. Agents may get nervous about what to say or assume they're wasting their time with an uninterested party, but giving up is the fastest way to spoil both the initial lead's business and potentially the business of their friends and relatives.



Provide Value:








To come across as helpful rather than overbearing, an insurance agent needs to make each point of contact unique and valuable to the customer. These touchpoints are not about pushing an individual sale or talking about how amazing the company is, but about sharing real information that can help them. For example, if 60% of people in a neighborhood don't have hit-and-run coverage and 7% of all accidents fall into this category, it can help a customer understand the risks they're taking with their policies. These behaviors not only promote your company, but they can remove the client's focus from your pricing structure, and influence them to look ahead at what they could be paying later on down the road.



Pass the Torch








Understanding where your marketing & lead gen systems "hand off" to your sales funnel is important in any business. Insurance sales are no different. There are several ways to set up an intelligent, dynamic ecosystem that connects your sales and marketing teams. Agreeing on the difference between an MQL vs. an SQL, even implementing an agency-level SLA can do wonders. A major part of this process will always be to have a scalable strategy to manage your lead data once it enters your system. How is your information management process working for you today?

That wraps our discussion on kickstarting your online lead conversion system. Be sure to stay tuned as we release more tactics and strategies to help you improve your agency sales process. As always, if you would like to learn more about the topic - contact the author. 

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