How to enable Home Leads on your Pro account!

June 12, 2017 Clint Marchese

EverQuote has launched Home Leads on the Pro platform.

Starting today, agents can log into their pro accounts and create Home Leads campaigns. Activating home leads campaigns is a simple, step-by-step process that we will teach you right here, in this blog post!

Of course, if you want to work with a support specialist to customize your campaign, you can do that right here.


By the end of this post you should be able to:

  • Log in to your Pro account and create individual campaigns.

  • Focus campaigns on specific lead types and preferences under one account.

  • Set caps on your home campaigns and modify settings.


Below is the area where you can create new campaigns via the drop-down menu.


A few early observations:

  • The home page will default to the last viewed campaign.
  • You will now see the “Campaigns” section in the top right. This is the area where you can view all campaigns including auto and home leads.
  • The “Summary” header item has replaced the name of the active campaign you are viewing. In the example, it is “default campaign.”


Let’s Start a New Home Leads Campaign!

1. Click “+ New Campaign” from the drop-down menu

2. Choose “home leads.”

3. Choose your lead types

A note about lead types:

EverQuote Pro currently has two home lead types. Premium and Basic. Premium home leads represent our highest quality home leads, with the most minimal amount of risk to insure and underwrite. Basic leads may not have the same risk profile, but there is a larger volume to work with, and as the less expensive option; there is more opportunity to raise caps.

Pro Tip! If this is all a bit overwhelming, consider working with our outstanding support team to customize a home leads campaign today.


4. Customize Delivery Settings

A note about delivery settings:

If agents have multiple campaigns, you can copy the settings of an existing campaign of the same vertical by clicking “Copy From Campaign.”

  • This will copy LMS, Email Delivery, and Rater from a campaign of the same vertical.

  • Note: Raters are not enabled for home at this time.


5. Optimizer: Customize your geolocation settings

A note about the Optimizer:

The EverQuote Optimizer has gotten even better. The optimizer is campaign specific, meaning that any changes that you make to geolocation settings will NOT impact your other campaigns. This allows you to be specific and targeted in your lead management.


Feature Review: The new “Campaigns” screen

A note about the new campaigns screen:

This is the new Campaigns screen. As you can see on the left, the campaign name is viewable for easy sorting and selection. On the right, users can filter by vertical, selecting auto, home and soon life. Click here to receive updates on Life Leads!

Feature Review: Inbox Filters

A note about new inbox filters:

It is now possible to filter inboxes based on campaigns, allowing you to separate home/auto campaigns and measure performance separately.

FAQ: How will the addition of home campaigns impact my account and payment methods?

Previous account users will remember the “Agency Information” section of the Pro platform. All of the info used in this section is applied to the entire account, across all campaigns. At this time, only one card can be on file and will be used across all auto and home campaigns.

That wraps our tutorial on enabling home leads. Be sure to stay tuned as we release more strategies and guides to help you use the EverQuote Optimizer, like a pro. If you would like to learn more about the Optimizer, or how to enable and perfect EverQuote campaigns: contact us today!

If you want to learn more about growing your new or established agency, check out:

EverQuote Pro.


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Clint Marchese is the Product Manager for EverQuote Pro, where he is responsible for new features and product enhancements. Previously, Clint was an analyst with Oppenheimer’s software investment banking team and an associate with North Bridge Growth Equity. Clint is a graduate of Amherst College where he earned a BA in Economics and MIT Sloan School of Management where he earned his MBA.

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