Driving agency growth through auto Policies: The Story of John Heep.

There is a dirty rumor in the P&C world that auto policies cannot drive growth and sustainability. There are mega agents out there with success stories that indeed go against that assumption.

Insurance marketing has many faces, but passive tactics just don't convert as well or add to bottom line. Ask John Heep – he has over 4000 PIF in five years with online insurance leads. Not long ago, he was an industry newcomer with a scratch agency. Now he has a thriving office that gains national attention and praise.

When John got started, he had no policies from day one. It was feast or famine, and learning how to play the game was a matter of survival.

A Story...












At one of his first experiences with cohorts of his captive agency, John became exposed to lots of different growth strategies. An agent with three years of experience said they got leads by standing in front of the DMV. Another talked about dabbling into internet lead marketing, but no one was putting up serious numbers. John did. With 40+ policies a month, he set a new standard. Five years later, he’s on the way to being at the top of the game.

Here’s a little advice to get you started: Prove you can write policies.

That means you need to write everything and anything when just getting started. Like many agents, John has settled into premium and preferred leads, the ones that match his market best, for growth. When starting out, however, keeping your nose to the grindstone can keep your agency afloat during the tough early going.


Take the road less traveled.







In what may seem crazy., John doubled down on his internet lead strategy at a time when he was new to the industry, and others were not as successful. While the strategy may not have been orthodox, it worked. As they say, it takes money to make money, but the rewards were obvious.


Be smart, be strategic.








Build your leads strategy through targeted marketing as you grow.  Much how you need to narrow down your lead types as you grow and penetrate your ideal market, the same goes for your messaging strategy. While it's okay to use simple local targeting, to start, you will find that over time the churn rate on low-match leads is much higher. Take this stage of your scaling as a prime opportunity to practice your upselling skills. You won’t know how to do it unless you DO it.


Integrate the old with the new






Although it can be tempting, try not to abandon all non-technical sales techniques. At the same time, if you aren't marketing online yet, you're well behind. Consider sending out personalized mailers to attract clients, in addition to using custom texting and email automation platforms. John uses DYL to send mass text messages to leads and customers, which has been a proven technique to boost sales funnel performance. His team also keeps "preferred lists" to call those clients who have policies about to expire. As you can imagine, this is a good way to keep loyal customers and slow down churn.

That wraps this discussion on John Heep's success driving growth through internet leads for auto. If you found this content helpful, stay tuned as we add more Smart Marketing and Prospecting content! As always, if you would like to learn more about the topic - contact the author. 

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